Monday, August 31, 2009

Lesbians given equal birth rights.

That's it these days, isn't it? Everybody's is being given 'rights'.

Just read on the BBC site lesbians are to be given equal birth rights.

Well I research our family tree and we have Irish, Scots, Welsh, Italians, Spaniards, Aussies, Chinese and even a few scousers and tykes but we don't have any rellies from the isles of Lesbos so I don't think any of us will qualify for these rights.

On the road again..

Not written about my bike for some time. Not been the weather for it and the price of petrol (that's gas for my American readers) seems to go through the roof every time it is school holidays.

Well John and I, on our road trips, have had difficulty communicating with each other. This smoke or semaphore signalling doesn't really work on a bike. So we have bought ourselves PMR radios, probably the obvious choice, but John and I are not obvious people.

The upshot is we are going to have a ride out to test them out.Nothing but thorough John and I. So we have found a nice pub, in a nice village, out of wife shot where we can play to our hearts content.

I'll follow with a write up later.

Political Correctness and Afghanistan

Just a thought.

How many people with full on political correctness beliefs and practices are serving with our forces in Afghanistan?

None, or very few at all. in my reckoning. Probably too busy ensuring that the military use last seasons (WW2) kit!

If my memory serves me well, during WW2, people who were politically correct in their views were called conscientious objectors. That's another thought!

Stranger and Stranger.....

Yes, the strange ways of the political world. Read this morning that Berlusconi, the Italian PM, has unveiled a plaque opening a section of the 2,000 kilometre North African Coastal Highway. This has been paid for by taxing the Italian oil company drilling for oil off the north Libyan coast.

Italy is poised now to become the major beneficiary of future trade deals with Libya.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Brown releases the Lockerbie mass murderer, al-Magrehi, (he may say it was a Scottish decision, yeah) and Jack Straw is denying any trade deals were part of the deal to release the mass murderer. I can well believe that of our inept government.

So we are compassionate and get nothing while the tricky Berlusconi grabs all the goodies!

Suppose that's what political correctness is all about, getting shafted all the time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crime & Punishment

Whilst on his holidays our PM, Flash Gordon, intends to do a weeks community service. Yeah!

He should be given an ASBO too for all the mess he and his predecessor have made of this country. No wonder 'President Bliar is keeping a low profile.

Another report today, inmates at a young offenders' institution refused to leave their cells - even to eat - through fears for their safety, inspectors have found. Conditions were "seriously unsafe" at Cookham Wood, in Rochester, Kent, with bullying "rife".

The poor little 'darlings', they should remember the old adage, "If you can't do the time, Don't do the crime!"

The Euro creeping...

Today, there are quite a few reports on the number of places that are now accepting payment by € or the euro, even Marks & Spencers.

At a lunch for lobby journalists Lord Mandelson said, "The prospects and chances of us joining the single currency early on are not strong."

When the modern day Machiavelli makes a statement like this, sure as eggs are eggs we will be using the Euro here next year or very shortly as our official currency.