Sunday, March 29, 2009


'Sorry', when and why has this poor overused phrase become the norm for taking responsibility?

Bankers are 'sorry' for negligently wasting our invested funds and then taking their begging bowls to the tax payers (not the 'Government' please note; that is just our agency for ruining this once great country.) to rescue the financial standing of the banks in order to award their most useless and senior staff pensions which can be compared to winning the national lottery.

Government ministers are 'sorry' for stretching the rules of allowances to the limit of law and not the spirit of law, again robbing the under pressure tax payers. Many of these tax payers are paying income tax on their meager pensions.

Why should these representative members of our society renege on taking proper responsibility? What has happened to honour, has it been rejected in favour of political correctness?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today's News.....

Well it may be news depends on your view......

On the dark side of F1 news, Max Mosley, he of F1 racing car fame, says the News Of The World (UK newspaper) had taken his dignity and hurt his family by revealing his attendance at a sado-masochistic party. Apparently Mosley had been "doing this for forty five years and there had never been a hint and nobody knew."Apparently, Mosley, president of the International Automobile Federation, said he was ,"outraged." He added: "It's not even talked about outside the circle. Nobody knew. My closest friends didn't know. My wife didn't know.

"The fact that that had worked so well... made me feel confident."

Well, my take on this is that if he didn't want people to know, why did he attend this kind of party?

On the bright side of F1 news, Louis Hamilton, the youngest world champion driver, received his MBE, from Her Majesty The Queen. Louis said he was ,"humbled by the massive honour" .

What a difference in behaviour by two members of the racing fraternity.

Well done Louis!!