Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Man United step up scouting in JANUARY.....

Beggars belief!

How far Moyes' and his staff are out of 'sync' in team building. While other teams are out negotiating and buying players, Moyes and co are just stepping up their scouting in Europe. They should have been scouting from the close of the last transfer window. Moyes can't use the excuse that they had to evaluate the current players, as a manager in the Premiership for eleven years he should have realised the situation at Old Trafford.

We have wingers injured or way out of form and we have a player who was reported to be the outstanding performer on the summer tour. Moyes wants to move him on. What's going on here? So far Moyes explanations don't hold water.

So the scouting for a midfielder continues. Why doesn't he recall Powell from Wigan who will probably be as good as any Moyes is able buy from Europe.

I forget. Moyes wants to build his own team so out with Ferguson's signings and let's bring United down to Everton's level of the last eleven years.

I wonder if Moyes, struggling in his debut year, has noticed Pellegrini's statement of how he is trying to win four trophies in his debut year as manager?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Another Dave (Moysiah) answered Italy's paparazzi that he was in Cagliari on holiday.

What holidaying with Jimmy Lumsden? What happened to Mrs Moyes? Doesn't she like a holiday?

Strange but very interesting!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New signings?

Will United sign the Dortmund crock Ilkay Gundogan?

History says no. Ever since Uwe Rossler's granddad and his mates bombed Old Trafford to rubble no German player has ever made a first team appearance for United. (That includes Ron-Robert Zeigler.)

So "preparing to pay over the odds" for a football crock doesn't have a ring of truth to me, no matter the quality of the player.

The other comments emanating from Old Trafford make me laugh.
"we are monitoring " such and such.
"we are preparing a bid"
"we are considering"
"we have arrangements for the summer transfer window"

Doesn't anybody, at Old Trafford, think that all these puerile comments should have been made before the 1st. of January? WE ARE NOW 11 DAYS INTO THE TRANSFER WINDOW, HOW ABOUT SOME ACTION!!

Time for Another Dave (played by David Moyes) to look in a mirror and see what we see. He talks the talk but he can't walk the walk!

As for major signings in the winter window, I don't think this is in the Glazer armoury. They want to buy players when they are trying to sell season tickets in the summer, investing to accumulate. Winter signings earn nothing for the Glazers, quite the opposite.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The New Coming......

When will people stop laughing at the Glazers "appointment" - Moyesiah?

Why is Moyesiah trying to reinvent the wheel?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Deal or No Deal

The negative/defeatist attitude emanating from David Moyes, Old Trafford has to cease.

Let's be positive, no more excuses, let's get Woodward out from the parapets, he has hidden long enough!

If United don't have the cash, let the supporters know then we know where we stand.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Taxi for Moyes!

What's left to say. The man has no idea. He wants to win the Cup but leaves his better players on the bench.

He can't train players, he can't buy players or the right players, the players have no belief or confidence.

Get the taxi.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


At seventy five, a supporter since 1948, today's performance brings back my memories of McGuiness, O'Farrell and Sexton.

Their sad performances resulted in them being kicked out.

Moyes and his team are no different they should go NOW. We do not need years of hurt again.

Glazers must act now before we return to the seventies and eighties scenario.