Monday, February 16, 2015

van Gaal's Biggest Problem

He does not speak English very well. He mangles our language. N'est pas?

What is philosophy/ balance?

Is van Gaal conning the Glazers?

Who knows? But do old herrings stink?

Are radio stations losing their status?

Are radio stations grasping for any foothold in todays rapidly changing society?
 Check out Hong Kong stations!

Is van Gaal the answer?

I have followed van Gaal's press conferences.

How else can the man in the street gain knowledge from the Dutch man? (Is Dutch man the correct term?)

All I can hear is philosophy/ balance. What does this mean? To me it sounds like bull shit.

I have supported Manchester United since 1948, what a shame about our blitzed stadium but what a great final against Blackpool!

Busby/Murphy, Ferguson/ and his various assistants, wonderous years, there is a god!

Then Moyes and now van Gaal. Who is guiding the money men of United now?

It is about time so please Glazers appoint a "United" manager so we can watch "United" football again.

Piss off all these so called theorists and lovers of Edam & Gouda!