Sunday, May 31, 2009

Presidents and Prime Ministers....

The unelected and possibly the unelectable has spoken on the Andrew Marr Show.

The 65th anniversary of D-Day.

Flash Gordon, trying to show his new smiley self, stated this anniversary is for presidents and prime ministers. Monarchs? Especially monarchs who participated in WW2 are not wanted according to El Gordo. Then he states "if the Queen wants to attend, I will arrange it."

Where does this unelected and possibly unelectable egoist think he's coming from? (Repeated intentionally)

Born, in 1951, six years after the end of WW2 - jumped up fat sprog!! I'll be surprised if he wants WW2 veterans to attend!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Please Sir, may I have some more....

So the MPs who are being forced to stand down because effectively they have been caught with their fat, grubby fingers in the till are now asking to stand down at the next election.

This shows the weakness in our prime minister and his opposition leader. Flash Gordon Brown and Delboy Cameron should make these people go immediately and not receive the perks of an honourably retiring MP.

Not only have they stolen the tax payers money but now want rewarding after being caught. They should be stripped of their MP priviledges and their title "The Right Honourable...". What a joke that title is!

This option should be denied them, sack them now !

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Like I have said I am back, or to put it correctomundo, John and I are back after our short raid on Europe. Not much damage done and we maintained our usual relationsip with the continentals.

Details and photos to follow as soon as I am organised.

Some Good News....

....and a little bit of good news.

Well done to all the Gurkhas and their supporters who have succeeded in their fight against the parliamentary terrorists led by Flash Gordon and his fingers in the till cronies!

With a special thank you to Joanna Lumley, what a lady!


Well after a short break on holiday I am back on site.

While I have been away a new FACT has been established Senor Fat Waiter aka Rafa Benitez,

Manchester United have won the Premiership three times in a row for a second time!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

That time of Year Again

Just back from North Wales with SWMBO and Harvey (the dog) and time to prepare for our (John and me) trip to the continent.

After last year's trip to France, Spain and Gibraltar we are taking it a little easier this year and we are going to treat the Swiss Miss' to our company. A two day day pootle through France, ravage and rape Switzerland, then a pootle back home through France.

If we are lucky we will see the Swiss Navy, dying to get hold of one of their Swiss Navy knives then I'll have the full set. See one of the Gnomes of Switzerland and finish off with yodelling lessons!

"The Mad Mullah of the Traffic Talliband"

Is it true? Richard Brunstrom is to retire in July?

Has he been pushed or did he jump?

What a Sad day......

On the day that four of our servicemen have died in Afghanistan, our leaders, from the Prime Minister, Gordon the Dreadful Unelected, 'a son of the manse' (?), and his Cabinet members down to the run of the mill members of Parliament are screwing the "expenses system" for every penny its worth and stumbling around saying they are legitimate claims!

Where is the honour?

How can this pitiful government justify itself?

By denying true homage and support to the past (Gurkhas) and present serving soldiers while they line their own pockets with the tax payers hard earned funds.

Such a shameful group of grabbing Brits!