Saturday, August 23, 2014

How many on the 'sick'? How much did Man United pay for them?

So who is lining up against Sunderland tomorrow?

Definitely not any signings by Moyes or van Gaal. (Not heard about Mata but there is time yet.)

Fellaini - ankle

Herrera - ankle

Shaw - hamstring

Rojo (Shaw's replacement?) - no work permit (who forgot that?)

If it's true Hernandez and Welbeck have been told to look for new jobs let's hope van Persie can manage to stay fit!


Monday, August 18, 2014


So the avalanche begins.

From a tiny yodel to a thundering mountain call there will be a massive demand for Puck Elf's (Ed Woodward) head!

From big mouthing the start to Manchester United's season to the recent trough of silence and inactivity in the transfer market; from disappearing, nay not once but twice, on the tour to the club's main sponsors and share market "to deal with business" (sic).

Early, LVG told Puck Elf (Ed Woodward) you cannot build a team on a sand foundation, no excuse for Puck Elf there then.

How long will the Glazers support this empty shell of a "yes" man?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Team Responsibility

Now is the time for Ed Woodward to show his true colours.

Stop being a sponsor monitor and become a team builder, Woodward.

Make the honourable choice, either choose to fight for the team or fall on your sword!

Sunday Overtime

After falling to relegation tipped Swansea City yesterday, what does that say about Manchester United?

I can't see the point in blaming yesterday's team for the defeat, they are what they are - generally not up to standard/form. LVG knows this but he has no money yet or in sight. So he is trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

So it looks like the blame has to be placed with Vice-Chairman, Puck Elf (aka Ed Woodward). Already he has boasted that there are funds available to LVG and that United are willing to break the world transfer if necessary. Oh yeah!

All United fans hope Puck Elf (aka Woodward) is grabbing a bit of Sunday overtime in the transfer market. Give LVG a chance you tight wad!

United sacked Moyes, no improvement, so it is definitely time to consider Puck Elf's (aka Ed Woodward) position with a view to giving him a P45 and an interview down the Job Centre.

Manchester United - well last time this happened O'Farrell was sacked before Christmas and United Relegated to Division Two (Old days).

Conclusion - send Puck Elf (aka Ed Woodward) back to Fairyland.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Old Trafford Attendance

Doesn't seem much of a change since last year. LVG has replaced Moyes but the running of the club is still very poor. There is minimal
improvement in the playing staff but behind the scenes it is SNAFU.

I wouldn't trust Puck Elf (Ed Woodward) to run down the corner shop for anything. When are Puck and the Glazers going to learn? Eventually all the sponsors will pack their tents and funds, slipping away into the night when they realise their products will not be associated with a successful team? How much are Puck and the Glazers going to strip from the Manchester United account?

We have brave words from Puck Elf, talking the talk but not walking the walk. How many times will he appear at Old Trafford this season? I think most of his attendances will be at away games or maybe he will decide  to work from Manchester United's office in London.

Am I writing about a leech or parasite? Time will tell!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Today's Big Story

No not in the transfer market, LVG has given up with Woodward and the Glazers.

It is the banning at Old Trafford of iPads and tablets.

Yep, even LVG's backroom staff will have to revert to crayons and drawing books!

This is in case any Glazer money grabbing activity is infringed.

We need Robin Hood to save us!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bye-bye Man U Targets

"Bye-bye Man U, Hello Barca!" Vermaelen.

"I've made Hummels team captain, forget him Man U!" announces Jurgen Klopp.

"I think I will prefer the Barca climate rather than the Manchester rain and LVG doesn't chose the national team now!" Daley Blind & Juan Cuadrado.

"I prefer life in Paris & the European Championship!" Angel di Maria.

Seems Juventus are hiding Arturo Vidal, in the Far East, so Man U medics cannot check out his dodgy knees. Deja vu?  Ah, the Hargreaves scam?

So what fairy tales will we be fed, by Woodward and the Glazers in January 2015?

Will we have more sponsors than players? Will season tickets be available on eBay next year? 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Aye-aye, That's Yer Lot

With van Gaal mutterings of "I'm satisfied with my players, I may not need to sign any other players." and Woodward doing a PR disappearing act with his 'unlimited funds and no price is too  high' it would appear that the Glazers have reigned them both in.

There are no mentions of Vidal, Vermaelen or Hummels in today's newspapers or TV sites. No mention of getting rid of the dead wood.

Could this be a transfer market ploy though? Doubt it.

All van Gaal's team has faced, so far, are 'has beens'/part timers and basically reserve teams, just back off holidays, from Milan and Roma.

Can't foresee any improvement in the new season against improved Premiership teams.