Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who owns our politicians/MPs?

Tax Evasion or Tax Avoidance?

Hmmm! To me there is no difference, either of these are used for the same end product - to limit the amount of tax paid to the HMRC. Basically they don't want to pay their fair share of society's financial demands.

They appear to be all the high earners, especially footballers, entertainers, company fat cats etc. I feel they should be included in the PAYE system and treated by HMRC the same as the man in the street. As part of society no one section should be treated advantageously.

So why does the government try to score political points by denouncing some individuals e.g Jimmy Carr and hiding behind principles (sic) by refusing to comment on others, i.e Gary Barlow? Doesn't take much reading between the lines, does it?

The current government boasts of their legislation to close down the aggressive tax avoidance but in realty they are only applying band aids (plasters) to haemorrhaging avoidance. They say that as HMRC close down one scheme another is rolled out.

Put them all on PAYE even a modified form of PAYE so avoidance or evasion becomes irrelevant.