Friday, August 29, 2008

Tesco's 24 Hour Service ???????

Well it seems Tescos 24 hour service is no more!

From ten o'clock at night their manned tills shut down. Paying for shopping is now at the "Less than 10 items" till or the DIY tills. Will this policy be followed during the Christmas period?

The Store Manager's explanation is, "It is company policy." Clear as mud but it apparently covers the ground!

My take is that Tescos are now overstretched finanancially and they are looking to recover their position by whatever means possible - sod the customer and sod the staff. Maybe they should sell off some of the land they have bought up to stop other supermarkets opening in the same area

Free trade less monopoly.

Monday, August 25, 2008

China Deports Tibet Protestors

Though I am lover of most things Chinese, I am sad to see that while everybody, mainly the BBC, Flash Gordon and the the London Olympics gang, are enjoying the handover of the Olympic flag, China quietly deports the multi-national protestors against the occupation of Tibet after ten days in detainment.

The Chinese put on a good Olympics show but like smoke and mirrors, camourflaged their attitude to human rights.

Will Boris Johnson , notwithstanding the treatment of his Turkish grandfather, be sending any 2012 protestors to the Tower of London for duration of those Games?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Attempt on the World Land Speed Record

Apparently two British men are making an attempt on the world land speed record using a wind-powered vehicle at Lake Lefroy, Western Australia. Their British designed and built craft is named 'Greenbird'.

Will Dale Vince and Richard Jenkins have beans for breakfast and use '57 octane' fuel?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you look anything like your passport photo?

Lots of you may laugh at the question but how many really look like their passport photo?

Manchester Airport are introducing a facial scan for holders of the new biometric passports. If you pass the scan test you are then allowed to proceed to the next gate. If you don't pass the test you will be directed to immigration officers for further interrogation.

Once the unmanned system swings into operation with success, I think some immigration officers will end up at the Job Centre.

Remind anybody of Total Recall?

...whinging Poms strike back

Don't know whether my Aussie rellies read the papers this morning.

Apparently the whinging mantle has been taken off us by the Aussies. Another title we have lost to the rampant sledgers! Yes, us whinging Poms have lost the title to the new champions of whinge - the macho Aussies.

As Corporal Jones said, "They don't like it up 'em , Sir!"

All this because little UK has more Olympic gold medals than the proud Aussies.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Immigration to the UK

I am at a loss to understand people who come to my country as immigrants.

When they first arrive on our shores they appear to accept any laws or traditions or cultures which are in existence. After several years residence and an increase in the their numbers they ask us to accept their way of religion, dress and way of life from their country of origin. Requests!!

As time passes these requests turn into demands.


Aren't you newcomers to our shores suppose to be integrating into our society. Practice your religion, by all means, show us your culture, by all means but please do not try to inflict on us the way of life of your original country from which you ran away from.


I welcome you to my country to join me, to become fellow citizens and brothers but I do not welcome those who wish to change my country or its way of life.


If you feel our ways are obnoxious and unacceptable please feel free to return to your country of origin, maybe oil and water cannot mix but I can still be your friend.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Harvey's Training I & II

Well, the little chap has had two lessons now.

The first lesson was mainly registration, paying the course fee and a little social introduction to the other dogs/bitches enrolling. The course is organised and run by Sandra Armitage with her assistant Jerry, another lady who takes some of the drills and operates the water bottle when some of the trainee dogs get a little out of hand! There are all breeds and sizes of dogs with Harvey being the cutest and smallest of the lot. Viv, SWMBO, is handling Harvey, I'm supervising as usual (posh word for sitting and watching). So off they go, marching around the church hall, basically nose to tail, to the sounds of "Heel, heel" and "Sit, sit". Of course to Viv's embarrassment Harvey has a poo right in front of the instructor. After the cleaning up operation, off they go again, right about turns, left about turns. confusing the hell out of the dogs and handlers. Doesn't seem that long since we arrived and the class was over. Sandra's words ringing in our ears, "You have one week to practice.....".

Those of you who were in the army with me will recall George Young and Buller Kent, no doubt. Sandra is of the same ilk!

Well lesson two was more of the same. Plus the introduction of an ASBO Westie! Five minutes with Sandra and he was peeing all over the floor! All the dog troops paraded docilely around the hall, left, right, left, with a few halts and about turns. Then the posh Husky pooed!! What a smell and such a runny one. Clean up Ops. again. I've learned not feed Harvey near to class time. Again, Sandra repats her immortal words, " You have one week.....".

Monday, August 11, 2008

Unwanted Desirables

Being a totally biased Manchester United fan has nothing to do with this thread.

Why though is the former Prime Minister of Thailand, "The Doctor", owner of Manchester City, allowed to escape trial for using his ex-official position for financial and land fraud. He was due to appear in court, in Thailand, today but runs away to that soft sanctuary known as the United Kingdom, risking the loss and confiscation of his £800 million assets.

The Court of Thailand has issued a warrant for his and his wife's arrest. This man is not the usual asylum seeker seeking refuge/sanctuary so let's see our government acknowledge the arrest warrant and repatriate him to face justice in his own country. Or will Flash Gordon and his governmental colleagues bow to the "The Doctor"'s multi-billion wallet.