Tuesday, September 25, 2018

South American Imports to Manchester

After the relative poor performances by Alex Sanchez (Chile) I decided to cast my jaundiced eye over Manchester United's previous signings from South America.

This my opinion of the success rate of their careers at United notwithstanding their success/promise outside of UK. I graded them as Rubbish, Moderately Successful, Successful. Obviously they have had their form ups and downs, most of them mostly downs.


Juan Gabriel Veron (Argentina);
Kleberson (Brazil);
Anderson (Brazil;
Fabio da Silva (Brazil);
Radamel Falcao (Columbia);
Angel di Maria (Argentina);
Sergio Romero (Argentina);
Guillermo Varela (Uruguay);
Alex Sanchez (Chile).

Gabriel Heinze (Argentina);
Diego Forlan (Uruguay);
Marcos Rojo (Argentina);

Antonio Valencia (Ecuador);
Carlos Tevez (Argentina);
Rafael da Silva (Brazil).

Andreas Pereira (Brazil).

On the whole I think we should stick to importing coffee, bananas and Volkswagen Beetles from South America. Footballers from Europe, with the odd player from South Korea and Africa.


Friday, September 7, 2018

Paul Pogba?

I have been a supporter of Manchester United since 1948 and in this time I have watched some brilliant players. I have, though, never seen a player such as Paul Pogba! We have given this person two chances to play for United and on both occasions he has let himself down. A clown of the first order. I'm sure his role model must be the ex-City player, Ballotelli!

Can this person ever match up to Manchester United men such as Carey, Cockburn, Colman, Styles, Crerand, Robson, Keane, or fellow country men, Blanc or Cantona? I have enjoyed watching some good players and real men down the years.

If he continues his childish behavior, please United, let him continue it elsewhere.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Whats happening at Man United?

Whats happening at Man United? You might well ask but they say, it seems, all is well.

Don't laugh, even the board say they give their full support to the "Special One" so we all know HR will be busy preparing a P45 for Mourinho.

A famous JM quote, "Matic and Valencia, they are training with the team since yesterday, fully fit".

Oh yeah?

Fit enough to drive their deluxe cars to the bank to draw their wages but not fit enough to pull on the red shirt to play. My two year old grandson talks more sense and he also knows how to play a "square ball" and a "back pass", please note well JM.

Another P45 should be prepared for Fudge Elf. Fudge Elf? He reminds of a child's cartoon character published in Manchester Evening News back in the 40s/50s, spit and image of Ed Woodward. He may be good at picking corner shops to sponsor United but he couldn't pick a park footballer from a United standard footballer. Should stay in his office, pushing a pen!

This period of managers/staff reminds of the seventies, after Sir Matt Busby retired, when we had stream (or is it a gaggle?) of managers.

When will the next Scottish Magician come down from the North.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hello Again

First post for years.

Now living in North Wales, by the sea.

Said farewell to van Gaal, hello Mourinho and Brexit.

Two forgettable leaders in the House, May and Corbin.

Two British heavyweights have been world champion and beaten Klitschko.

Monday, February 16, 2015

van Gaal's Biggest Problem

He does not speak English very well. He mangles our language. N'est pas?

What is philosophy/ balance?

Is van Gaal conning the Glazers?

Who knows? But do old herrings stink?

Are radio stations losing their status?

Are radio stations grasping for any foothold in todays rapidly changing society?
 Check out Hong Kong stations!

Is van Gaal the answer?

I have followed van Gaal's press conferences.

How else can the man in the street gain knowledge from the Dutch man? (Is Dutch man the correct term?)

All I can hear is philosophy/ balance. What does this mean? To me it sounds like bull shit.

I have supported Manchester United since 1948, what a shame about our blitzed stadium but what a great final against Blackpool!

Busby/Murphy, Ferguson/ and his various assistants, wonderous years, there is a god!

Then Moyes and now van Gaal. Who is guiding the money men of United now?

It is about time so please Glazers appoint a "United" manager so we can watch "United" football again.

Piss off all these so called theorists and lovers of Edam & Gouda!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sentencing of Oscar Pistorius

What a performance !

Looks to me  that to save face for the prosecution he will receive a jail sentence but to save face for the defence it will be suspended.

Puzzles me how he can share his bedroom with his girl friend, keep a firearm in his bedroom, then blast away her life when she visits his en-suite and then says he thought it was an intruder.

Twilight Zone to me.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Too tired, too tired, poor darling!

So Nefertiti (Rahim Sterling, have you seen his hair) is too tired to play for his COUNTRY? Poor darling!

It's only October and Liverpool have only played eight league matches and a couple of European matches. Has he played all of these matches? Poor darling!

When I was young I use to play that many matches during half term.

What kind of torture and child neglect are Liverpool putting their young players through? Poor darlings!