Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go on now, tell me.......

Lord Malloch Brown, who is now resigning after being ennobled by his pal Gordon, is ordered by matey Gordon, (or is he relation?),

"Hey, you can't go around saying we haven't enough helicopters ( Civilian Rupert talk for choppers). Make a u-turn immediately."

His lordship dutifully obeyed.

Now whereas our boots on the ground have been suffering, in Afghanistan, from roadside bombs just look at what Gordon and his cronies have bought themselves (= taxpayers) to keep out of harms way in London. London?

"The main difference between the car that will hit showrooms in the New Year and those destined for the Prime Ministerial and Cabinet car fleets is that the latter will feature special bullet and bomb-proof security armour, run-flat tyres, bullet proof glass and even a self-contained oxygen supply.Read more:"

Again this morning Fat Gordon reassures us we have enough helicopters for this current operation. Strange all the top ruperts,in Afghanistan, reckon otherwise.

I ask you, who would you rather believe Gordon, who daily risks his political career or our lads in Afghanistan who everyday could make the ultimate sacrifice - their lives?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Robbing Peter to pay Paul.........

Let's start with Paul.

Bankers need money and Gordon the Gopher provides them with billions instantly!! Where did these funds come from? From you and me, the taxpayers.

Remember the government has no money of it's own in fact it's just another form of bank!!!!!! So they help out their brother bankers. Isn't "merchant banker" a euphemism for something?

Have the banks tried helping the tax payer since? Think about it.

So now to Peter.

Several years ago Tony Bliar and his "trusty" Chancellor promised the troops whatever they needed would be supplied to enable them to complete their tasks. That made me, a Veteran who served two terms of active service with experience of politicians promises, laugh.

Our lads are giving their all in Afghanistan and are getting knocked down like nine pins! The sympathies and condolences pour forth from the quivering lips of Gordon and his cronies. The dead soldiers families are to be given medals. Suppose that costs nowt and is cheaper than giving them the helicopters they so desperately need.

The Armed Forces Minister says he has extended the flying hours of the helicopters. Big deal. how long before this becomes an unnecessary danger to the flight crew?

He also stated he is sending 12 Merlin helicopters to Afghanistan, from Iraq, in 12 months time. I've heard of blokes riding their push bikes to Afghanistan in less time than that. (I think we will have an election before they receive these helicopters.)

The main point is if we, the taxpayers, can provide funds for the inefficient, cheating bankers and their ilk, why can't we, the taxpayers, provide the same funds for our kith and kin fighting and dying in a political war in an ungrateful country?

Are you listening Gordon?