Sunday, October 20, 2013

...... and so Manchester United struggle

Two things have to happen at Old Trafford, down Busby and  Ferguson's Ways.

One, the Glazer family and their cronies need to return the money they have trousered and return the club to a debt free situation. No more will Ferguson's skills cover their greed.

Two, though "Another Dave" (Moyes) may have been Fergie's choice, he has been unable to team up with "Puck Elf"  (Woodward), they may have other skills but they certainly don't have the skill to manage United on the field of play and the recruitment of the required class players. The backroom staff have two beginners (Neville and Giggs), basically "guffers/tea boys" and two of Everton's "experienced staff" who have probably never even won a game of "keep uppy". So let's start organising some P45s for the Moyes Mates.

Will we be in the relegation battle this year or will we be relegated? I think it will be a close thing and "Another Dave" may have to return to Uncle Kenwright!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rooney's Latest

I use to be a great fan of Wayne Rooney, that is up to his latest carrying on at the end of last season.

Having read Rooney's latest outburst, blaming his loss of form, fitness etc. on SAF playing him out of position, because of RVP's signing, it is about time Rooney either put up or shut up.

The club is greater than the player!

Rooney is not the best striker in the UK, he's not even the best striker in Manchester, sorry to say.