Friday, November 28, 2008

Cabin Fever

H'mm! Getting to that time of year. Temperatures down to minus two, biting winds, trees are bare, birds and squirrels scrambling around feeding baskets. Everybody becoming Christmassy!

Bah, humbug! Bring back the long days, with wind in your hair, sun on your face and the smell of petrol and diesel at breakfast!

Where's my atlas, let's get dreaming, planning and on the road again!

Seats, or lack of....

If you were to take a flight, on an aeroplane of course, you wouldn't expect, or be allowed, to stand in the aisle if all seats were occupied.

Why not? The train and 'bus operators do not provide seats for all passengers who buy tickets.

Let's cram our planes with passengers!

If you carry too many people in your car, you can be prosecuted.

Let's prosecute the train and 'bus operators!

Rant over, tablets, please nurse!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Big Day For Me

Yes, reached three score and ten!

Happy Birthday Me!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Strictly Come Dancing Shambles

Oh what a shambles by the BBC and their programme producers.

John Sergeant has volountary retired from the programme.

The judges, Arlene Phillips and Craig Revel Horwood, are the main protagonists to John's leaving. Why couldn't they do their jobs, ie mark John poorly and let the public have their say?

On various programmes, they simpered that John was so popular but hinted there was no way he was a dancer and shouldn't win on the public's vote. They should not have criticized John but should have criticized, big time, their bosses who invited John Sergeant to participate knowing full well John's limitations on the dance floor.

Two snidier people I have yet to see on television. They couldn't vote off John legitimately so have done so by the back door.

Arlene and Craig fall on your swords and resign NOW!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Shoo-In For A Gold At 2012

After this week's Championship Matches I noticed a video of a possible certainty for the high board diving at the Olympics 2012.

Without being touched by a defender and sometimes stumbling over the ball, perfect "tens" have been recorded by the one and only "Stevie G" aka Steven "The Diver" Gerrard. He's got the height, the figure and the perfect poise for the diving pool and doesn't need any assistance, except for certain referees, to record top scores.

Some may accuse me of being a cynical Mancunian, but hold on there, one of my less intelligent great grandfathers married a "Judy" from Liverpool (St. Peter's). So technically I'm part Wacker/Scouser and that part of me can't tolerate diving cheats!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Confusion Reigns.....

Yes, it's not very difficult to confuse me these days.

The other day I decided to buy a one piece motorcycle rainsuit. On our ride to Gibraltar my friend, John, used one and it seemed a very good idea. Believe me the rain doesn't fall mainly in the plain!

So off I popped to one of my internet motor bike kit shops and after much faffing about decided my size was a 2XL - 48" chest. Ordered, paid for, and duly received next day.

Never having tried on one of these items of clothing before, it was a bit of a struggle - legs in, arms in, shake it all about and lo and behold a three inch gap between the sides of the zip. H'mm I thought, had I ballooned up in size overnight? Out with the tape and a check measurement. No still a chunky 48".

Well back to the t'internet shop to check out the item I had ordered. This brand only had one size larger. Rather than take a chance on this not fitting I browsed other brands. Right, here's one, sizes upto the umpteenth XL fitting. I phoned up the supplier, very obliging people too, and they agreed shopping on line can have its problems. They checked out their size charts and in this new brand my size was - guess what? Yeah, 4XL.

Returned the suit on Friday, with the necessary proof of posting, and by Monday I received the new suit. Same fun and games trying the suit on but it fitted around me notwithstanding the arms and legs were overly generous in cut and I did a brilliant impression of the Michelin Man!

"You'll need the extra length once you're sat on your bike." said the shop keeper.

So from one brand to another my size had doubled thus the reason for my confusion. Confused but waterproof!