Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Transfer Season Summer 2014

With all season tickets sold out, is Manchester United's transfer war chest suddenly empty?

Reports that United are no longer interested in their previous targets are suddenly appearing.

Reports that United targets are suddenly re-signing for their current clubs.

Hardly any clearing out of deadwood.

Mediocre second tier players being praised and rated.

Ed Woodward disappearing off stage, from the USA, as if he had been gagged and kidnapped.

Like a house of cards has the transfer target aims collapsed?

Monday, July 21, 2014

I Have To Go Home For Business Reasons

(Continuing the fairy tale of The Theatre of Dreams.)

So says Puck Elf the CEO. (For new readers Puck Elf was a cartoon character in the Manchester Evening News during the forties and fifties.) If he has business to conduct at OT, why did he go on tour in the first place?

Cast your mind back to Australia last year. Didn't he duck out of the pre-season tour then? Again on IMPORTANT (transfer) business and look how that turned out. Has Puck again been banished by the evil Emperor Glazer (s) the Insatiable?

No it's not the pantomime season, readers, just seems like  it. I think Puck disappears down the bottom of the garden, hiding from the big bad managers, no doubt re-appearing on the 2nd. September. He will then reveal, as if by magic, massive sponsorship plans to the delight of the Elders of tribe Glazer.

How long will the sponsors give the Glazers money when the once mighty Red Devils can only field deadwood and dross?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

van Gaal's first mistakes?

Louis van Gaal wants to take four weeks to evaluate his players before deciding whether to delve into the transfer market?

How will he evaluate two of his most promising youngsters, not on tour. Strange.

After four weeks evaluating he will only have a fortnight to scout and buy. Strange.

Is this the same scenario as last year with different 'actors'? Strange.

I don't think I'll hold my breath, just waiting for the end of transfer window clich├ęs to pour out of Old Trafford!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Louis van Gaal our new manager/trainer/coach/whatever.

Well today he, Louis van Gaal, held his first "news" conference.

Not really impressed - according to BBC it was basically LvG's life story and based on that I will score him:

Content - 3, Style - 6. Can do better, as my old headmaster said sixty years ago.

I'll be surprised if he sorts out the deadwood any time soon, probably circa 2016. Again, I'll be surprised if he manages to sign any of HIS choices in the near future.

Could be wrong, but I was spot on about Moyes, except that he was fired after Christmas!