Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friend of 'Dave' Intends To Impoverish Pensioners

So Nick Boles, Conservative MP, is a friend of Premier David Cameron. Whoopee for him! Or is he just a mouthpiece for 'Dave'?

Today Boles, (notice no title of 'Mr.', he still has not earned my respect, neither has 'Dave' really), announces he wants to means test the pensioner benefits. His reported tone seems to want us to believe these benefits are automatically heaped on pensioners as they reach qualifying ages. This is not true.

The benefits referred to are:
Winter Fuel Allowance;
Free Travel Pass;
Free TV Licence after 75.

As pensioners reach certain ages, they may apply for certain benefits, so it is up to each pensioner to ask himself/herself if they really need a particular benefit, then apply for it. Now, according to Bole, many finanancially well off Conservative supporters have been applying and receiving various benefits, notwithstanding their riches, and he wishes that to cease. Bully for Bole!

Let's hope he remembers to apply the cut off line at the right level and not include the not financially well off who need and deserve these benefits. We don't need ministerial policy statements saying, "The poor are protected."

It is particularly noticeable that 'Dave' does not want legislate on any of these benefits until 2015. Isn't that after the next election? Wouldn't want to lose the pensioner vote, would we, 'Dave'? 

'Dave' clue Bole in before he embarrasses you and forces another u-turn.