Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Judges, Law and the Government

What the hell is going on in the legal and governmental circus' in that we cannot kick out of our country alleged criminals, in this case Abu Qatada, who have allegedly committed crimes in third party countries?

For the judge to infer that "he would not receive a fair trial in Jordan" is nonsense. (When does anybody receive a fair trial in any country? There are always disadvantages to one side or the other).

As the judge has been assured by the British/Jordanian governments that Abu Qatada will receive a fair trial, in Jordan, the judge has ignored this assurance and has made his decision in this case based on his own opinion. Do we need this judge's opinion or the Jordanian government's assurance?

Aba Qatada is achieving his political objective, not by winning his case to reside in the UK but in causing disruption in the relationship between the judiciary and the government, (a terrorist strategical aim)further undermining the public confidence in the judiciary and the government of our country.

Another example of the swing of the pendulum to the extreme, tarting again to political correctness and the not fit for purpose Human Rights Act.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Referendums II

"Must respect the referendum on the Falklands," so says "Call me Dave" today.

Well said PM, now can we have our referendum on Europe?

Or must our international political actions always have an oil element to induce this government to act?

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Referendum on the Falklands, today, suits you 'Call me Dave' sir!

Referendum on Europe, after the next election, suits you 'Call me Dave' sir!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fall of Human Rights & Theresa

Theresa May, "Call me Dave"'s wannabe successor, has stated the Posh Boys Party (PBP), aka the Conservative Party, will scrap the Human Rights Act, if they win the next election, to stop it interfering with the fight against crime and the control of immigration. Well said Theresa!

Since there are two years to the next election, why wait so long? If she wants to replace the Posh Boy (Son of Blair) let her put her money where her mouth is!

Come on Theresa, the country is totally fed up with the Human Rights Act, political correctness and the wobbly leadership of the Posh Boys.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Carlos Tevez driving?

I am amazed to see that Carlos Tevez, the Manchester City player, is still driving on our roads and streets and committing road offences.

Approximately four years ago he was detained for driving a vehicle which had incorrect darkened windows and it turned out that he did not have a current British driving licence. Last November 2012 he was banned from driving for six months, speeding offences in Morecambe and Crewe. Yesterday, still within his six month ban he was again arrested, in Macclesfield, driving while disqualified.

So, no current driving licence, driving while disqualified, I cannot see how he can legally be insuranced to drive, now or during the last four years. What if he has an accident, fatal or otherwise?

His illegal driving career has carried on far too long, isn't it about time the relevant authorities and his employers did something about his flaunting of our country's traffic laws? Throw the book at him!!