Monday, March 22, 2010

RBR 2010

That time of year again. Time for the Round Britain Rally.

A list of clues to solve the various historical, geographical or scientific locations of the season's motorbike rides around this beautiful country.

Then on the road again, north into Scotland, west into Wales, east into the flatlands and south to the Riviera of the south coast.

The unusal format of the RBR means lonely rides with the occasional meeting of a fellow participant at a landmark location. Proof of the visitations is in the form of a photograph of the landmark and your bike, wherever possible. Not always possible as sometimes the landmark is located a "short" walk off the rideable tracks/road.

A purpose, a reason, a direction, just good fun? Whatever, but great for bike riding.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is the Coast Clear?

After his fairly mild grilling at the Chilcott enquiry and his immediate flight into Afghanistan excile, Flash Gordon is asking if the coast is clear so he can return to Blighty and save the world from uninsured canines.

What a hero, eh?

Regular day trips to Afghanistan, is he trying to earn a General Service Medal?

Not widely known, but I heard a rumour he wants to keep his armoured vest to wear in the House of Commons and at Cabinet Meetings.

Roll on the elctions! Will "Dave" be any better though?

Can't wait for the warmer weather so I can go biking.

Police Assault (Allegedly) Report

An abstract from a BBC news report today.

"Two policemen cleared of assaulting a man and blinding him in one eye during an arrest must undergo fresh training, the police watchdog has said.

A police sergeant and a police constable were charged with assault on a 43-year-old man in Wigan in 2007.

The CPS decided not to proceed with the case when it went to court last year.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has said the pair must be retrained and pass exams before resuming operational duties.

The man suffered a broken leg, a fractured cheekbone and lost his right eye in the incident in Higher Ince.

The IPCC said its investigation highlighted "real concerns" about the force used by the officers."

Well, when I was a lad it wouldn't have taken two able bodied policemen to subdue a middle age man, noooo, (that's a long exagerated no) one policeman would take on a whole gang! Proper coppers then, none of your health & safety brigade. None of this re-training malarkey, "The arrested fell down the black maria steps, milud."

On another tack why break his leg, fracture his cheekbone and blind him in his right eye? What about all the sprays and tazers we now arm our policeman with? Strange our policemen nowadays. One minute they call the offenders 'mate' all the time, next minute they seem to gang kick seven bells out of someone for swearing whilst under the influence.

While I'm pondering, "Nurse, my tablets, please!"