Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Can we afford Europe this year?

Well back on my feet after a bout of 'flu, made Christmas festivities a bit sad, and looking forward to planning a trip to Europe on our bikes.

Looks like we may be priced out of it this year. The GB pound is plunging like a lead balloon against the Euro.

All 'Flash' Gordon can say is we must all work together to get ourselves out of this mess. Now why should Corporal Jones save Captain Mainwaring again?

Maybe he thinks we have forgotten that he has given all our spare cash to the bankers (No, I am not using this as an euphemism this time) who created the mess originally. Looks like we have saved the banks only for them to put the squeeze on us again.

Think I'll have to plan a ride around the poverty stricken areas of old Albion, you know the stockbroker and banking belt!

All the support he needs, but he's not the one injured...

According to the BBC, Liverpool Football Club has issued a statement saying it would offer Gerrard "all the support he needs".

This is after Stephen Gerrard and three of his friends have put a thirty four year old man in hospital with facial injuries.

Liverpool Football Club have said nothing about supporting the man their employee helped put in hospital.

Says it all about the Bin Dippers!!