Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Benefits for EU Migrant Workers

The situation the United Kingdom finds itself in the payment of benefits to migrant EU workers is ridiculous.

The EU should sort out its rules and regulations on paying of benefits. I think there are two possibilities to solve the situation.

1) The migrants home country should be responsible for the administration and payment of all, yes I mean all, benefits to the migrant workers and their dependents.

This would be similar to the administration and payment of state pensions to British citizens living in say Spain or France.


2) The host country should pay benefits equal to the benefits paid by the migrant workers home country. This would remove the purpose of the migrant worker seeking out the country paying the highest benefits.

This would not deny the right of the EU migrant to work anywhere in the EU.
It would not deny the EU migrant the right to be unemployed anywhere in the EU but would make the migrant's home country responsible for his care and benefits thus relieving the UK of its unfair responsibilities and 'benefit roaming'.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Midfielders, Now and Then

Just watched a replay of the Stoke Utd v. Manchester Utd match.

While watching Tom Cleverley's performance I remembered watching Paddy Crerand's performances in the sixties. What a difference!

Neither Cleverley or Crerand are defensive midfield players but what a difference.

Cleverly - Fast paced, mainly playing suicide square balls and reverse passes to defenders, slows down the momentum of United's football, definitely a disciple of the Crab (Ray Wilkins).

Crerand - Slow paced, mainly playing attacking forward passes and through balls, a prince of midfielders maintaining the momentum of United's attacks.

Though both saw a lot of the ball, Cleverly passes to any team mate without thought, Crerand thought out passes and attacks to United's benefit.

My conclusion is that Cleverly, like Wilkins, is not really suitable for United's style of play.