Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another 'Dave'

Following the appointment of the Prime Minister, David Cameron, 'Call me Dave', Manchester United have appointed 'Another Dave'. Another character following in the footsteps of 'Dave' (Rodney Trotter), 'Dave' (David the PM), and now 'Dave' (the Manchester United manager).

Now I have nothing against the name Dave, some of my relations and friends are named Dave. Unfortunately so are some plonkers!

Who in their right mind would sack a championship winning coaching staff and replace them with his second/third class mates?

It's Urgent I Return to England

So what was the real reason for Ed Woodward curtailing his tour with Manchester United? The given reason was to 'attend to transfer matters'.
Is anybody aware of any 'transfer matters', in or out of Old Trafford?

He left Australia a full four days before his schedule departure to attend to these urgent 'transfer matters'.

Maybe it was to check up on the sale of season tickets before he splashed out on some second rate, third division continental player, we don't need, on the last day of the transfer window.

Correct me, haven't the Glazers done this before?