Thursday, April 16, 2009

Turned out nice again...

Well, not really. Today is probably the worst day of the week so far. Extremely overcast and cold with strong winds. Earlier in the week we have had sunny spells, quite warm for this time of year.

So nice I exposed the scooter to its first outing of the year. I'm not exactly a fair weather rider but as a pensioner I can pick and chose when and why I venture out. I'll ride in the rain if it is necessary but I'll chose my riding weather whenever possible.

Well Monday was quite pleasant. Jumped on the scoot and blasted up the bye-pass then pootled down the country lanes to my son's. Not a long ride but a pleasant ride with the sun on my back.

Now all set for a week's riding in North Wales at the end of the month then a ride through France to Switzerland in May. As these dates are written in stone I just have to accept the weather of the day, hoping for a little bit of sunshine at least.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First of April........

Well, what a start to April!

Half past four on Wednesday morning I awoke with a terrific pain in my chest, pain in my right arm and jaw. Sitting up eased the pain slightly. Managed to take my tablets but still no relief. So apologising I woke up SWMBO. She clicked into action, phoning '999'. A paramedic turned up quickly followed by an ambulance and off I was packed to the local A&E to be diagnosed with a MI (Heart Attack to you and me). Transferred to a medical ward, given morphine, intravenous paracetamol, blood tests and a blood pressure dropping through the floor.

The medical staff gave me a 'thrombolisation' (think that's the right term) to flush out any clots in the heart. The doctor then asked me, "How long have you had an irregular heartbeat?" What a question to ask me I'm not very 'medical' inclined - just know when I have man-flu!

So when my BP started to rise and normalise I was transferred to the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) for five days. Tied down to bed and wired for 'sound', more ECGs and morphine, blood tests.

Halfway through the night I called the nurse for the commode as I was wired up, restricting me to my bed area, she brought me some brilliant news. "You can walk down to the ward toilets. Your blood test has returned 'negative', you haven't had an heart attack."

After morning rounds, on Thursday, the doctor discharged me with outpatient appointments and new and changed medicine.

So a whirlwind thirty six hours! I am now bruised and exhausted but at home with thanks to the medical staff at Macclesfield Hospital especially A&E, MCU and CCU.