Monday, February 16, 2015

Is van Gaal the answer?

I have followed van Gaal's press conferences.

How else can the man in the street gain knowledge from the Dutch man? (Is Dutch man the correct term?)

All I can hear is philosophy/ balance. What does this mean? To me it sounds like bull shit.

I have supported Manchester United since 1948, what a shame about our blitzed stadium but what a great final against Blackpool!

Busby/Murphy, Ferguson/ and his various assistants, wonderous years, there is a god!

Then Moyes and now van Gaal. Who is guiding the money men of United now?

It is about time so please Glazers appoint a "United" manager so we can watch "United" football again.

Piss off all these so called theorists and lovers of Edam & Gouda!

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